CSA Standards and Certification, An Update for CE
CSA Standards and Certification, An Update for CE
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This is a 96Mb file containing presentation file and recording of the actual webinar, as well as session poll results. Originaly aired and recorded on December 6, 2013.

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CSA Standards: An Update for Clinical Engineering


Isabelle Maurice, Eng, M.Sc. A. (CSA)



This will be an excellent opportunity for clinical engineers and BMETs to enhance their understanding of the most recent published standards by CSA that are most applicable to your clinical engineering operation (601.1 standards). Presented in a high level but technical format, this webinar will be relevant and will provide clarity related to the standards we aim to comply with. These standards include: 60601.1-08 Medical Electrical Equipment, 60601.1.1-02 Medical Electrical Systems, Z32-09 Patient Care Areas, 60601.1.6-08 Usability Requirements, and 60601.1.8-08 Alarm Systems. Plus the importance of Provincial ESA (Ontario), Electricity Act, 1998 ONTARIO REGULATION 438/07, accredited testing agencies, SCC (Standards Council of Canada), and which labels are acceptable.

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